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Now that the seminal 70’s musical Grease is being run ad-nauseum on ABC Family Channel and Summer Lovin’ has been remixed for the dance floor of every wedding reception you’ve ever been to, people seem to have forgotten that the movie is fairy subversive when it comes to modern morality and social morays.

“Subversive” be damned; it’s downright hedonistic.

If you remove all the upbeat song and dance numbers and then boil the plot down to its most basic elements, you’re left with something like the following:

SlutIn a 50’s era highschool, a band of society-spurning renegade teenagers and their group of kept women have unprotected sex, stage dangerous automobile races, and engage in underage drinking with utter abandon. As one teenager comes to terms with her own teenage pregnancy, another outcast drops out of school amidst confusion and indifference about her lackluster future. Yet another must deal with the advances of a pedophile television host with a dangerously aggressive sense of entitlement. The boys callously ruin reputations by spreading tawdry rumors about sexual conquests that never happened (Summer Lovin’, indeed), while the girls deride each other with cruel disdain. And in the midst of all of this depravity, all eyes are on Sandra Dee, a wholesome outsider who must shed her comfortable skin by changing her appearance, subverting her morals, suppressing her own personality, and hyper-sexualizing her persona in a desperate attempt to keep the man she thinks she loves.

Kids, get the popcorn!

But if you look at it through slightly more forgiving eyes, Grease depicts real issues of real teenagers that most movies gloss over with saccharine sentimentality and unrealistically altruistic outcomes. Grease is different. The teenagers act like teenagers and learn lessons like teenagers and act like teen-aged idiots, and in the end the outcome does not exactly teach the lessons that your mama wants you to learn. By adding in song and dance numbers, Grease also gets the “wild, frivolous heyday of youth” aspect spot on as well. It’s all just a party to kids. It may seem goofy, but it’s probably one of the more realistic portrayals of stupid teenagers in all of film history.

And don’t feel sorry for Sandra Dee. Lord knows there are a lot of Betty-Sues and Sandra-Dees in the world — goody-two-shoe fuddy-duddies who are unable to let their hairs down. You’re only young once, and Sandy had some catching up to do. Good on her.

The morality of Grease is effing awesome.


By now it seems as if the decades-old Apple vs. Microsoft/Mac vs. PC debate will rage on forever.

During the course of this 30-Years War, Apple has cleverly marketed itself as the browbeaten underdog that tirelessly creates the innovations which Microsoft steals, repackages, and distributes with the sole goal of maximum profit at the expense of quality, stability, and security.

And of course there is some truth to that.

Apple has definitely been a front-runner when it comes to innovation, some of which has been aped by Microsoft and other companies with embarrassing shamelessness, but the quality and stability difference between a Mac and PC has long since abated (if you even argue this one, you clearly haven’t used a PC in at least a decade). And since the technology of your hardware on either platform will be outdated within a few years anyway, do you really need it to be encased in expensive stainless steel?

But this post isn’t trying to influence your next laptop purchase. And it’s not about choosing sides. No, this post is about Microsoft. Greedy, evil, backstabbing, antitrust-busting Micro$oft.

Sexy Time

Seriously though, Microsoft isn’t the evil giant everyone makes it out to be. Especially if you’re comparing it directly to Apple, which is what people tend to do. So for the sake of nearing a truce, let’s do what they do in couples counseling and try a little role reversal. Let’s imagine a world where Apple owns the home computing market:

  • Laptops under $500 would be an absurd concept. The gold-plating alone (for the outlandishly-stylish casing) would cost more than that.
  • Forget your homebrew apps and your freewares and your piratebays. Without the dominant competition to force its hand, Apple’s OS is locked down to the point of quashing even the most clever and generous developer-hobbyists. On the plus side, your Mac will be riddled with viruses now that it’s the dominant platform for hackers. PC users would claim that this is because Apple is inherently less secure.
  • Your iTunes would never be DRM free now that Apple’s running the show. Bittorrent would definitely not get through their application screening process.
  • Billions of dollars would no longer be given to worldwide charities. Apple isn’t exactly known for its philanthropy.
  • 95% of the world’s computers are now under the control of Steve Jobs, who just laughs in the face of everyone who questions his random whims or gets on the wrong side of his vengeful grudges. If you thought Bill Gates was unscrupulous, he’s not nearly as threatening as the possibility of Steve Job’s unchecked megalomania and rampant control issues.
  • No right-click or useful controls. Everything would have just one big button.
  • No Flash. Okay, that one might be a genuine positive.
  • Even more Justin Long?

So yeah, those are all wild suppositions about an alternative universe that never existed, but the reality is that Microsoft’s relatively open position and encouragement toward outside developers has lead to some of the biggest software innovations and technology revolutions of our time. In spite of its anti-trust issues with Internet Explorer, the company’s willingness to license Windows to outside manufacturers has spurred hardware competition, making computers so cheap that over 80% of American households now own a computer and 92% of those homes have access to the internet. On top of that, you can add its unparalleled charitable giving. Yeah, it’s made a couple crappy operating systems and a bad browser or two, and yeah they could learn a lot about marketing and product design, but try to cut ‘em some slack, you silly hipster, you.

Microsoft is effing awesome.

Hoodie Humor

Sometime it’s just too much of an effort to have a personality, so you just gotta let your clothes do the heavy lifting. And only hoodies really have the versatility required for the job. Plus, they come in a wide variety of clever options:

Vaguely Political
Not sure what this implies, but surely it’s something profound.

Something something pudding-pop something.

Live long and prosper, as long as you always have it zipped to the proper height.

All the neighborhood kids will think you’re a cool dad. All the neighborhood adults will think you’re mentally handicapped.

Nothing good can come of this.

You can play King every time you undress.

Would’ve saved Buffalo Bill a lot of trouble, though.

The people who understand will think you are the funniest production designer in the office.

But to get the full benefit you’d need to wear an undershirt with frog guts and half digested flies.

Probably not the place you want people to think about putting their penis.

But won’t both sides always break even? That’s kinda pointless, unless you’re one of those “every one’s a winner!” types.

Over the Top
Maybe a little too Better-Off-Deadish to be taken seriously.

So give yourself a break and let your clothing do the talking.

Hoodie humor is effing awesome.

Stupid Teenagers

Stupid teenagers are the worst.

They truly understand next to nothing, yet they think they know everything. And annoyingly, you can’t convince them otherwise because they don’t even have the mental capability to understand the concept. Seriously. It’s hardcore science. Just like it’s impossible to teach a dog to talk due to their underdeveloped vocal cords, you can’t teach a teenager to understand their own fallibility or limitations due to their underdeveloped brains. It’s literally impossible to get through to the idiots.

Worst of all, they are old enough to engage in stupid, risky behavior, but not smart enough to fully understand the consequences. Their immature brains are not yet capable of avoiding risky behaviors because the brain systems that control basic cognitive and physical abilities develops way before the area that controls impulse and emotions. Whoopsie! Evolution really got that developmental pattern ass-backwards, didn’t it?

Or did it?

There’s been a lot of recent studies on the teenage brain. This is probably because the stupidity of teenagers seem downright fascinating at times, but regardless, a few theories have started to arise about why teenagers are dumber than a bag of hammers, and how this might actually be an evolutionary benefit.

One theory suggests (using some round-about logic that your average moronic teenager could never understand) that some “risk-taking among adolescents is evidence that they are trying out more adultlike roles. Having unsafe sex and driving too fast may be mistakes, but kids often have to experiment with limits in order to learn how to live within them. Which, in turn, is a sign of maturity.” So basically, it’s the mature ones who act the stupidest. And if the dunderheads survive their reckless youths, they will be all the better for it in the future. Well-adjusted even. Just don’t get in front of them if they are driving a car since “16,000 young people die each year from unintentional injuries.” Mostly in ridiculous car wrecks. On top of that, a slew of them become under-aged, unwed parents who are doomed to repeat the pattern of failsmanship. Apparently whoever’s left over seems well-adjusted by comparison, so that theory totally checks out.

Another, more plausible study suggests that a teenager’s stupidity could actually be an evolutionary benefit due to the fact that a teenager would never gather the courage to leave his childhood home and make a life of his own if his brain ware capable of understanding how dangerous the real world actually is. So for humans to continue to develop and thrive and evolve as a species, teenagers need to remain just stupid enough to take a few risky chances and to make a few bold moves before their brains can develop enough to make them realize how incredibly dim-witted, short-sighted, and crazy they have been acting for the last twenty five years.

So there you have it. Teenagers are stupid because it benefits the human race in the long haul. It’s survival of the mentally un-fittest. It doesn’t make them any less stupid or annoying, but still, you should probably thank them for being so bone-headed. And thank yourself, too. Because you were a stupid teenager once as well, but luckily you were just short of being stupid enough to recklessly kill yourself.

And if you’re reading this and thinking, “Not my kid. My kid ‘gets it’…” They don’t. They might be able to fake it in front of you, but if you could see inside their heads you’d be shocked at how little they actually understand. But the blindspot of a doting parent probably has some evolutionary benefit, too, so don’t sweat it too hard.

Stupid teenagers are effing awesome.

Benefiting the Human Race

Benefiting the Human Race

Cross-dressing must really bring out the creativity in people. Case in point: all the best musicals (and all the catchiest songs) feature transvestites. Pretty ones, ugly ones, fat ones, fake ones, skinny ones, scary ones — it doesn’t seem to matter.

1. Victor Victoria
Okay, so she’s a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a women, but that still requires cross-dressing somewhere in the mix. Plus the end of this clip where the guy from Webster explains the situation and James Garner gets all confused about his boner is probably one of the most mindblowingest highlights of 1980’s American cinema:

2. Hairspray
Rather than a transvestite character, this musical traditionally features a transvestite actor playing the mother’s role as an homage to the big-screen transvestite Divine who originally portrayed the character in the non-musical version. John Travolta is more like an insult than an homage, but the music is so damn good and John Waters is so damn awesome that Hairspray cannot be denied no matter how much you think you hate musicals and Zac Efron.

Unfortunately, embedding is denied, so you’ll have to watch it here.

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Obvious in its awesomeness, Tim Curry’s performance has been enchanting the bi-curious for decades now, but few people realize how awesome these songs actually are, including I Can Make You A Man, Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me, Over at the Frankenstein Place, and not least of all:

4. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
The king/queen of all Transvestite Musicals. Not sure if Hedwig is technically a man or a woman at this point, but regardless, he’s by far the most thrilling thing ever to grace the stage, the big screen, and your midnight fantasies. Best of all, the music is ingenious:

Wig in a Box:


The Origin of Love:

Seriously, they should remake The Sound of Music featuring transvestites. Nothing could stop it. Its uncontainable power would melt the galaxy.

Musicals featuring transvestites are effing awesome.


You have Myodesopsia. Also known as: those obnoxious dark splotches that slowly drift across your field of vision, obstructing your view, and generally being a nuisance. Also known as: eye floaties.

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Technically, eye floaties are “minute remnants of embryonic structures suspended in the thick fluid or gel that fills the eye.” Most people got them. And most people who got them hate them.

But here’s the thing: your eye floaties have been with you for a very long time. Since the womb, actually. And they stay around forever. Sure, it’s possible you may acquire a few new floaties here and there as you age, but the core group has been around with you since you were in your mama’s tummy and will be with you until you meet your bitter end.

They are closer than your closest friends. A part of you like nothing else. They stick around even when you are at your worst, and they have experienced all your best days right along side you.

So rather than curse your eye floaties, you should embrace them. Give them names and welcome their arrival, like you might with the seasonal constellations. Embrace the galaxy that is currently orbiting your viscous fluid. Its a universe unto its own. Its your universe and nobody else’s.

“Oh look! Pete will be joining us for dinner!” you can exclaim when the loopy one with the knobby end enters your vision.

“Julie is shy today. She just runs and hides every time I try to look at her,” is probably a common thing you might say about your entire extended eye-floaty-family.

It’s almost like having your own permanent, death-proof aquarium of sea monkeys right inside your eyeballs.

Okay, maybe that’s not an appealing notion, but regardless, they are yours and yours alone. Each one as unique as a snowflake. Cherish them.

Eye floaties are effing awesome.

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