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You have Myodesopsia. Also known as: those obnoxious dark splotches that slowly drift across your field of vision, obstructing your view, and generally being a nuisance. Also known as: eye floaties.

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Technically, eye floaties are “minute remnants of embryonic structures suspended in the thick fluid or gel that fills the eye.” Most people got them. And most people who got them hate them.

But here’s the thing: your eye floaties have been with you for a very long time. Since the womb, actually. And they stay around forever. Sure, it’s possible you may acquire a few new floaties here and there as you age, but the core group has been around with you since you were in your mama’s tummy and will be with you until you meet your bitter end.

They are closer than your closest friends. A part of you like nothing else. They stick around even when you are at your worst, and they have experienced all your best days right along side you.

So rather than curse your eye floaties, you should embrace them. Give them names and welcome their arrival, like you might with the seasonal constellations. Embrace the galaxy that is currently orbiting your viscous fluid. Its a universe unto its own. Its your universe and nobody else’s.

“Oh look! Pete will be joining us for dinner!” you can exclaim when the loopy one with the knobby end enters your vision.

“Julie is shy today. She just runs and hides every time I try to look at her,” is probably a common thing you might say about your entire extended eye-floaty-family.

It’s almost like having your own permanent, death-proof aquarium of sea monkeys right inside your eyeballs.

Okay, maybe that’s not an appealing notion, but regardless, they are yours and yours alone. Each one as unique as a snowflake. Cherish them.

Eye floaties are effing awesome.


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  1. While I appreciate you trying to make eye floaties seem awesome, they are not. I’m glad that you think they are tho because I have 27 eye floaties up for adoption. I haven’t even named all of them, so you could give them each their own name. They would be so excited to finally be recognized as an individual. They are free and all yours. Except Pete, because he saw me typing this and got very irritated and offended so I guess I’ll have to keep him. But you already have a “Pete the eye floatie” so no worries.

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