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Hoodie Humor

Sometime it’s just too much of an effort to have a personality, so you just gotta let your clothes do the heavy lifting. And only hoodies really have the versatility required for the job. Plus, they come in a wide variety of clever options:

Vaguely Political
Not sure what this implies, but surely it’s something profound.

Something something pudding-pop something.

Live long and prosper, as long as you always have it zipped to the proper height.

All the neighborhood kids will think you’re a cool dad. All the neighborhood adults will think you’re mentally handicapped.

Nothing good can come of this.

You can play King every time you undress.

Would’ve saved Buffalo Bill a lot of trouble, though.

The people who understand will think you are the funniest production designer in the office.

But to get the full benefit you’d need to wear an undershirt with frog guts and half digested flies.

Probably not the place you want people to think about putting their penis.

But won’t both sides always break even? That’s kinda pointless, unless you’re one of those “every one’s a winner!” types.

Over the Top
Maybe a little too Better-Off-Deadish to be taken seriously.

So give yourself a break and let your clothing do the talking.

Hoodie humor is effing awesome.


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