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Desktop Publishing

Remember manual typewriters and mimeograph machines? If you’re lucky, you don’t. Remember running to Kinkos to make a copy? Gargantuan collating Xerox machines? The entirety of 9 to 5?

Even if you jump forward from those days of yore to the more recent dot-matrix printers with perforated paper, it still seems like living in the dark ages. Sure, they fit on your desktop, but the concept of printing in color was an absurd fantasy, and you better structurally reinforce your desk first, because it was in for a bumpy ride.

Have you ever even sat back to appreciate the incredible mechanical precision of a modern day ink jet printer? They squirt teeny tiny little dots — each one smaller than the width of one of your hairs — up to 1200 times per square inch. That’s nearly 100,000 dots in 15 seconds. And do you even care? Naw, you just print up your Google Map directions to the nearest Starbucks and instantly forget about the mechanical wonder you were just privileged to witness.

Even more amazing, these complex gizmos can pump out 10 pages of vivid color per minute with gentle ease and barely a whisper. Dolly Parton wouldn’t even break a nail. Sure, ink is priced as if it were liquid diamonds, but still, at least you ain’t running out to Kinkos at midnight on tax day anymore.

Seriously, watch that video. It’s mind-boggling.

Desktop Publishing is effing awesome.


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