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If you put an ad in the paper asking people to gather somewhere in public and get nude for some “artistic” photographs for which they would not be getting paid, it would probably be considered creepy, if not downright illegal. When Spencer Tunick does it, thousands of people show up, ready to get good and naked.

Spencer takes pictures of lots of blissfully willing nudes, artfully arranged, all over the world, in iconic locales including Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Melbourne, New York and Sao Paulo. Even on glaciers.

Sausage Fest

It’s an ongoing art project that is apparently supposed to symbolize freedom and to challenge the viewer’s perception about nudity and the human body. But the truth is that most people  probably just like looking at naked people.

OSMsauce isn’t exactly prudish or a family-friendly place, but we can’t have bare bits or ding dongs flopping around on here either. Unfortunately, the art is kind of hard to display without the naughty parts.

Cleanup on Aisle 5

But supposedly the point is that those parts aren’t necessarily naughty and that if you think they are, you should probably lighten up.

Regardless, the very fact that there is a person out there who — simply by asking — can get 5,000 people to show up and willfully undress for a camera… well that’s just cool as hell. You’d think these shoots would turn into total sausage fests, with a ton of dirty male pervs just showing up to peep some privates. But on the contrary, the guy seems to be able to draw just as many women as men. He says boo and they drop trou.

Uncensored Genitalia Protip: Just Google It

That guy who gets people naked is effing awesome.


Easter Island

It’s one of the most remote landmasses on the planet, under one hundred people live there, it’s pretty much uninhabitable, and yet it’s one of the most well-known places in the world.

Why is it so well-known? Because the previous inhabitants built hundreds of these crazy monuments called Moai in honor of their deified chiefs and ancestors:


Cable TV might have you believe that these monoliths were created via alien intervention or by other mysterious means, but really, it probably wasn’t too difficult for those crafty Rapanuis to figure out how to fulcrum a slab of rock into a hole. So then people ask, “But why? Why all that effort?”

But why? Why not? We make crazy shit all the time, and for less reason than they had:

Why? Fuck you, that's why!

The collapse of the great society that at one time thrived on Easter Island isn’t as awesome. It’s mostly one of those cautionary tales involving over-exploitation of the land leading to the collapse of society leading to tribal infighting, cannibalism, and eventual extinction. But nobody really cares about all the stuff. They just care about those big face statues.

And that’s why Easter Island is so awesome: it’s a reminder that we don’t need to live forever. We just need to make sure that whatever we leave behind makes us unforgettable. And hopefully we’ll be able to avoid the cannibalism along the way. Or at the very least, we can be a cautionary tale for the next civilization.

Easter Island is effing awesome.


When Jane Campion’s masterwork The Piano first hit theaters in 1993, it was only for art house snobs. This was the early nineties, after all, and it was barely just the beginning of a new Renaissance for pensive, arty-fartsy flicks. They were a difficult sell, to be sure. Sometimes they were foreign and subtitled. Sometimes they were depressing or disturbing. Sometimes they were even directed by women, by god.

A lot of your typical movie-goers at the time shunned the concept of a film about trading sexual favors for piano keys. Especially since it was released decades before Lord of the Rings put New Zealand on the map, and probably also because it featured a shockingly nude Harvey Keitel in all his circumcised glory.

But fast forward twenty years to a time when everyone and their mother already knows what Harvey Keitel’s penis looks like, New Zealand is now the new Italy, and even the sexual themes they explore seem rather tame by today’s standards. Now we can strip away the facade and focus on what is truly astonishing about the movie: Holly Hunter.

Holly, who won an Oscar for this basically mute performance, has since tried her hand at a million and one other “strong female” (A Life Less Ordinary, Copy Cat, Saving Grace) roles, without similar success. One could be callous and say that she clearly just needs to keep her trap shut. But her performance in The Piano was about a whole lot more than just not speaking.


She’s dainty yet strong, alluring yet repulsive, prudent yet perverse, and somehow loud even while totally silent. Plus she gets, like, SUPER naked, both emotionally and physically. It’s fun, and also super rare, to watch an actor click with a role so perfectly.

Holly Hunter in The Piano is effing awesome.


Stanley Kubrick

Knock Knock

He made some of the most incredible motion pictures of all time, filled them with some of the most indelible images ever filmed, and inspired some of the most memorable performances ever caught by a camera.

A Bit of the Old Utralviolence

He dealt with some pretty heady topics: nuclear war as a punchline, pedophilia and sexual obsession (based on the bestselling novel!), the decay of civilized society, sex and the married man, the very existence of humanity, etc.

Purity of Essence

We worked with nearly every genre, trying to turn it on its head. Some people called his work cold and acerbic, almost clinical in precision. As if that meant they were less worthy or effective in some way.

Behind the scenes of The Shining:

A Kubrick film festival could literally alter your personality. His movies were all-enveloping and distinctively his.  So much so that it created a new adjective: Kubrickian. Which is like the opposite of Capraesque.

For making some of the best movies of all time, and for being distinctive enough to inspire his own adjective, Stanley Kubrick was effing awesome.


Rome is a big city. Most of us get lost there just turning a corner. The intricate, ancient, stylized architecture is world renowned. Its streets weren’t exactly planned or built with any sort of modern-day grid structure. Yet, you can put an autistic guy in a helicopter and give him a twenty-minute fly-by and he can draw that shit from memory:

His name is Stephen Wiltshire and he’s done New York, too.

If autism weren’t so awful and unpredictable, it would almost be cool. It’s a frustrating shame that abnormally brilliant mental ability always seems to get paired with a crippling neural development disorder that leaves you barely able to communicate. Just ask Stephen Hawking. It’s like God is giving you a big towering piece of brain cake covered in smart frosting and then not letting you eat it – and no one else can take a bite either.

There is probably a lesson to be learned from this guy, something about a silver lining or making lemonade or perhaps even some sort of inspirational hooey about the unlimited potential of the human mind, but let’s face it, you could practice for a lifetime and never be able to accomplish this feat, plus it would be rather belittling to his achievements to even try. So we’ll just avoid over-analysis and leave it at this:

Autistic or not, Stephen Wiltshire is effing awesome.


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