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If you put an ad in the paper asking people to gather somewhere in public and get nude for some “artistic” photographs for which they would not be getting paid, it would probably be considered creepy, if not downright illegal. When Spencer Tunick does it, thousands of people show up, ready to get good and naked.

Spencer takes pictures of lots of blissfully willing nudes, artfully arranged, all over the world, in iconic locales including Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Melbourne, New York and Sao Paulo. Even on glaciers.

Sausage Fest

It’s an ongoing art project that is apparently supposed to symbolize freedom and to challenge the viewer’s perception about nudity and the human body. But the truth is that most people  probably just like looking at naked people.

OSMsauce isn’t exactly prudish or a family-friendly place, but we can’t have bare bits or ding dongs flopping around on here either. Unfortunately, the art is kind of hard to display without the naughty parts.

Cleanup on Aisle 5

But supposedly the point is that those parts aren’t necessarily naughty and that if you think they are, you should probably lighten up.

Regardless, the very fact that there is a person out there who — simply by asking — can get 5,000 people to show up and willfully undress for a camera… well that’s just cool as hell. You’d think these shoots would turn into total sausage fests, with a ton of dirty male pervs just showing up to peep some privates. But on the contrary, the guy seems to be able to draw just as many women as men. He says boo and they drop trou.

Uncensored Genitalia Protip: Just Google It

That guy who gets people naked is effing awesome.


Bob Ross

Many of us, bored on the couch, will have the fleeting thought: “I should really take up a productive hobby. Something ceative. Maybe painting or… ooh a new Law & Order is starting.” In the time it took you to watch that episode (which you had to watch because it featured your favorite detective pairing – Lennie Briscoe and Ed Green), Bob Ross could have made four new oil paintings.

Like Heroin to the PBS CrowdThe guy must have painted thousands of landscapes with whispy clouds and “happy” towering evergreens over the years on public television. His gentle afro and soft, soothing voice were like heroin to the PBS crowd. He was Mr. Rogers for grown-ups.

He believed, perhaps naively, that everyone had inherent artistic talent and that all it took to become an accomplished artist was practice and encouragement. That was very Pollyanna of him, but depending on your definition of “accomplished,” he may have been right. His paintings weren’t exactly “profound,” or “creative,” or “good,” but he just loved painting them so damned much. It was infectious. And that was an accomplishment in itself.

Every once in a while, you can buy an original Bob Ross on Ebay. If you’re a rich hipster doofus, you might want to own one ironically. But if you have any sort of a soul, you might want one hanging in your home as a reminder of how awesome is feels to do something you just really love doing.

Bob Ross was effing awesome.


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