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Rome is a big city. Most of us get lost there just turning a corner. The intricate, ancient, stylized architecture is world renowned. Its streets weren’t exactly planned or built with any sort of modern-day grid structure. Yet, you can put an autistic guy in a helicopter and give him a twenty-minute fly-by and he can draw that shit from memory:

His name is Stephen Wiltshire and he’s done New York, too.

If autism weren’t so awful and unpredictable, it would almost be cool. It’s a frustrating shame that abnormally brilliant mental ability always seems to get paired with a crippling neural development disorder that leaves you barely able to communicate. Just ask Stephen Hawking. It’s like God is giving you a big towering piece of brain cake covered in smart frosting and then not letting you eat it – and no one else can take a bite either.

There is probably a lesson to be learned from this guy, something about a silver lining or making lemonade or perhaps even some sort of inspirational hooey about the unlimited potential of the human mind, but let’s face it, you could practice for a lifetime and never be able to accomplish this feat, plus it would be rather belittling to his achievements to even try. So we’ll just avoid over-analysis and leave it at this:

Autistic or not, Stephen Wiltshire is effing awesome.


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