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For any uninitiated Luddite out there, a Bluetooth enabled automobile is a car with an integrated system which allows you to chat on your cell phone, hands-free, usually through your car’s stereo system, and often using voice-activated commands.

At first, it seemed like the main benefit of Bluetooth enabled automobiles was that you no longer had to wear those stupid-looking ear-pieces. Or “douchebag identifiers” as they are often called.

Super Douche

But it turns out there are other benefits to this marvelous technology as well, for instance:

  • No more pocket-dialing from your car.
    There was a time when you would accidentally hit random buttons and unknowingly speed-dial a friend from your pocket. Then your friend would sit and listen as you drove around town, singing along with your Sound of Music soundtrack at the top of your lungs. But with Bluetooth, the second your phone makes a connection, the radio shuts off in anticipation of your conversation, which is your cue to cut it out with the Do-Re-Mi’s.
  • Listen to your radio as loud as you want, you won’t ever miss a call.
    Sometimes, The Sound of Music sounds even better at full blast. But what if you miss an important incoming call while yodeling along with a lonely goatherd? You no longer need to listen for a ringer or sit on your phone after you set it to vibrate to make sure you catch all of your calls. Your car will do it for you by politely interrupting your Edelweiss solo if it receives an incoming call!
  • Find that damned phone you always seem to be misplacing.
    Which pocket is your phone in? Did you even bring it? Maybe you should run back inside to see if you left it on the bureau. Wait! With Bluetooth you can just attempt to make a call by hitting a button on your steering wheel! If your car can find your phone in the vicinity, then you can too!

Your mom might tell you that you shouldn’t be talking on the phone while driving anyway, but with Bluetooth, it’s no different than just chatting with whoever might otherwise be in your passenger seat. So tell your mom to shut up, it’s 2011 ferchrissakes.

Related Factoid:
Bluetooth was apparently named after King Harald Bluetooth, a 10th Century King of Denmark, for reasons that are not all that interesting

Bluetooth Enabled Automobiles are effing awesome.


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