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The Simpsons

When the Simpsons first went on the air over 20 years ago, it wasn’t exactly a smash hit, but FOX decided to move it to Thursday nights to compete against NBC. It was a bold move. All the press was wondering how a silly animated show featuring yellow goons with foul mouths would ever compete against a comedy legend like Bill Cosby.

Seems like they fared pretty well. No offense to the Huxtables.

But the Simpsons have had their ups and downs. In fact, they’ve had entire down seasons. And yes, it might seem like they should probably be nearing the end of their miraculous run anytime now. But for anyone who’s ever watched The Simpsons, all the lame episodes and bad seasons can’t ever erase that one little random gag that sticks in your head for decades. Case in point: BBBQ.

It’s irrelevant to the plot and it didn’t exactly build upon the Simpsons mythology in any significant way, and yet those 15 seconds can define an entire twenty-year series for millions of Americans. Almost everyone has a Simpsons moment like BBBQ that they will never forget, because there are literally thousands of them.

The Simpsons are effing awesome.


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