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This is the first post in a series wherein examples of perfect pop songs are posted for your appreciation and enjoyment. Some of them are classics, some of them obscure, all of them perfectly awesome.

#1: The Fall of the World’s Own Optimist
by Aimee Mann

Two of the greatest pop songwriters of all time, Aimee Mann and Elvis Costello, joined forces to create of the most satisfying pop songs of all time.

Supporting evidence of its perfection:
1. The hookiest extended chorus you’ve ever heard
2. The clever lyrical rhyming:
cause the eggshells I’ve been treading,
couldn’t spare me a beheading,
and I’ll know I had it coming,
from a Caesar who was only slumming

3. Its non-specific theme which could apply to anyone
4. Its efficient length

Now it’s time to decide for yourself:

Ain’t nothing more satisfying than a perfect pop song. Perfect pop songs are effing awesome.


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