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Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar is one of the most underrated people of all time.

It’s true. On the surface he might seem like a crass, juvenile, sweaty, greasy gimmick who looks like Ron Jeremy. But in reality he’s a talented, profane, sweaty, greasy genius who looks like Ron Jeremy.

Admittedly — and obviously to anyone with a pair of eyeballs — pursuing a career as a rhythm & blues sex stallion was an odd choice for an overweight, under-attractive goombah from Minnesota. The deck was stacked against him. But Har Mar had the musical chops, and he somehow knew that the best way to be taken seriously was to take himself not-so-seriously. So he amped up his persona, got mostly naked, and took it on the road.

Givin' It His All

So yes, he’s clearly awesome because of his dedication to his over-the-top persona. But to better highlight Har Mar’s musical genius, especially in regards to his unrivaled understanding of the reality of the music industry, let’s all take into consideration the story of when he was asked to write a song for Britney Spears.

Britney had recently gone insane in her membrane around the same time that Har Mar penned and submitted a tune called Tall Boy as a contender for her supposed comeback album. The song was basically a tome to one of the white-trashiest drinks of all time (an over-sized can of cheap beer), to be sung by one of the white-trashiest teen pop sensations that ever walked the Earth (an over-sized can of ass fat).

When you add in the sexy double-entendre of having sex with tall men for good measure, it was quite possibly one of the most perfectly subversive songs ever written. He was basically trying to help Britney own the fact that she was a trashy whore. Of course, Britney passed on the track, so Har Mar recorded it himself, with the utter sincerity it deserved, and probably better than Britney ever could have:

Har Mar is the definition of full tilt boogie. But he’s not just a shell of glittery, jiggly sheen. Because even when you strip away that indelible persona, he’s still pretty awesome indeed:

Let’s all just appreciate how awesome it is that even in this time of manufactured pop goddesses and pretty-boy-bands with six-pack-abs, you still don’t have to look the part, you just have to play the part better than anyone else.

Har Mar Superstar is effing awesome.


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