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Gabourey Sidibe

Gabby Sibide was working at a call center when she auditioned for the movie Precious. A couple years later she was walking the red carpet as an Oscar nominee.

Her role in Precious was beyond horrible: a morbidly-obese sexually-physically-and-emotionally-abused under-educated ghetto forgettable who was all but abandoned by society and her own family.

Her role on the red-carpet was awesome: a bubbly, giggly, confident sexbomb who was more interested in having fun with her newfound fame — like making sexually suggestive comments involving a Gerard Butler menage-a-trois — than placating red-carpet host Ryan Seacrest and his vapid softball questions.

Did she go all sourpuss like Denzel Washington and act like the world owed her an Oscar? No. Did she go all cry-baby like Halley Berry and act like an Oscar nomination was so much more than just a silly Hollywood award? No.  Did she go on the defensive when Howard Stern called her an “enormous fat black chick” who will never work in Hollywood again? No. Did she turn into a cause-crusader when absolutely everyone — including the people running this site right here — tried to make everything about her race and obesity? No. Like water off a duck’s back, Gabby just skipped along, unfazed, telling her interviewers that what makes her happy are “naps, sushi and watching “Oz.” La la la la la.

Suddenly, she wasn’t Precious anymore, she was the girl everyone wanted to be best friends with.


Gabourey Sibide is effing awesome.


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