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Bad Luck

You’re driving down the road and you hit an unseen pothole, shredding your tire. While waiting for roadside assistance to change out your spare, it starts to rain. In the meantime you’ve missed your important meeting, ruined your shoes, and caught a cold. Sounds like your day was a perfect disaster. You must be a magnet for bad luck.

But unbeknownst to you, your tire was about to blow anyway, and had it not met its demise in the pothole today, it would have blown on the freeway tomorrow. The meeting you missed was a useless bust anyway, where you would have accidentally farted and irreparably damaged your reputation. And while purchasing a new set of shoes to replace your wet busted ones, you avoided a panoply of other disasters that were waiting for you in all the other possible paths you could have taken that day.

It’s an easy exercise: think back to your luckiest moment ever. Then trace it back in time, recalling all events leading up to that miraculous event. You could trace any moment of your life all the way back to your birth obviously, through any number of interweaving and complicated series of events, but you’ll see that you couldn’t have gotten to where you were at your luckiest moment without a few major examples of (what you considered at the time to be) very bad luck. Therefore, all bad luck eventually leads to good luck. Therefore, all bad luck is essentially good luck just waiting to happen.

Due to the infinitely complicated nature of cause and effect, every good thing that ever happens to you could not have happened without a bad thing before it. Plus, good luck only exists relative to bad luck. If you only ever had good luck, you wouldn’t consider it “good luck.” It would just be your everyday existence. Good luck and bad luck are intrinsically connected. Because of this co-relation, and because all good luck arises from bad luck, all bad luck is essentially good luck, if you just have the patience to wait it out.

Of course, your eventual death will probably be considered your ultimate experience in bad luck. And ending on that down note kinda sucks, because if all bad luck is good luck, then conversely, all good luck is also bad luck, and the very fact that we all unavoidably end on the bad luck end of the spectrum might make you want to go all half-glass-empty about your very existence.

But then no one really knows what happens after death. Maybe it will be the most bestest good luck experience you could ever imagine. And death aside, whatever bad luck you may encounter in life, you can rest assured there are infinite examples of even worse luck out there that you have somehow avoided. Aren’t you the luckiest person alive? You have bad luck to thank for that.

Bad luck is effing awesome.


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