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Public Libraries

Public libraries! There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of books and periodicals there! All perfectly indexed and easy to locate! Including movies, magazines, newspapers, hardcovers, and softcovers! It’s all there and it’s all free! Yet another successful government-run program! Bored and broke? Go get a free book!

Back before the internet, you could go there and find pictures of naked people easily enough. You and your friend could share steamy passages from sexy novels and titter quietly. You could also possibly encounter a pedophile in the bathroom or a homeless person sleeping in the stacks, but now we are digressing…

Books! For free! All in one place! Categorized! Archiving and preserving some of the most awesomest videos ever produced but rarely seen!

Educational and Informative:

Poor public libraries. The internet has made you seem irrelevant when you really aren’t. You serve an entirely different function and a very important one. And when is the last time anyone actually appreciated you? Probably the last time people actually read books. Never you mind. You’re ripe for a comeback.

Public libraries are effing awesome.


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