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Those poor conspiratorial bastards who framed Oswald for killing JFK in the 1960’s. It sure must have been extraordinarily difficult to fake those infamous backyard photographs — which allegedly linked Oswald to the murder weapon— without a modern day tool like Photoshop.


Just put yourself in the shoes of the conspirators: the hours spent trying to composite your patsy’s face onto some random, ill-fitting body; the agonizingly painstaking task of aligning shadows and recreating proper proportions; the difficulty of using little more than an X-Acto knife and some photographic blurring techniques to hide your grafting lines. It must have taken days to make the fakeries look even semi-genuine. All of these headaches could have been easily avoided with the magic of Photoshop. Literally in minutes.

The Oswald Band, Live!

You might think that the ability to so easily alter reality could be a bad thing. For decades manipulators have been revising reality, touching up every single image you see, always trying to trick you into thinking that seeing is believing, and now Photoshop is making it easier than ever!

But on the contrary, Photoshop is ubiquitous now, to the point of spawning its own verb. We’re so used to the ease with which a photo can be manipulated that we’ve become accustomed to questioning the validity of every single image we see, searching for evidence of obvious photoshoppery such as blurry edges, dubious pixels, and mismatched skin tones. We’ve become a nation of visual skeptics. We will no longer be the gullible masses of the past! We will evaluate and discriminate with open eyes and clear minds! We will tackle the manipulation head on and refuse to see the world in anything other than splendid reality!

Losing Faith

Thank you, Photoshop, you have removed the shackles of gullibility and ushered in a new age of personal responsbility!

Plus you make it super easy to photoshop a secret crush’s face onto a nude body.

Photoshop is effing awesome.


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