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The Crying Game


Even when it was released way back in 1992, you’d have to have been pretty slow-witted not to have foreseen the “plot twist” that made The Crying Game such a huge word-of-mouth hit. One look at those man-hands and you knew that the lovely lady was tucking in more than just her bedsheets every morning.

So saying that the movie succeeded on that plot twist alone is a disservice to what is otherwise an emotionally-complex, thoughtful, and engrossing movie… if that’s your cup of tea.

You know all there is to know, believe me.

Because the other reason that The Crying Game is still so awesome today is due to the fact that it’s one of those movies that acts as a litmus test to judge your probable compatibility with new acquaintances. They may not need to have actually enjoyed or appreciated the movie to make judgments about the person — because to each their own — but you can instantly tell what kind of person they are simply by their reaction to it. As they say, stereotyping can be a real time saver.

Basically, if you want to get to know a person quickly, just turn the topic of conversation to movies, bring up The Crying Game, and interpret the following cues as such:

  • If they titter and make gay jokes, then they are most likely into NASCAR. You can decide from there that you probably don’t need to add them to your Rolodex.
  • If they claim to have been surprised by the aforementioned plot twist, then you know they are probably a tad more socially prudent and refined than you are, or that at the very least they aren’t very observant. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if they could peek inside your mind they would probably be appalled.
  • If they thought it was boring, then they probably prefer action movies or Adam Sandler. Which is fine in theory, as long as you don’t expect to have any thoughtful discussions about politics or social justice over a glass of wine.
  • If they liked the movie okay but don’t seem overly enthusiastic about it, then they are probably even-keeled and mild-mannered. You will probably get bored with them and their incessantly-laid-back whitebread attitude.
  • If they hated the movie because it was poorly paced and overwrought — “typical Neil Jordan” — then you have met a film snob. Film snobs can be fun, but they eventually end up hating anything and everything. Including you, most likely.
  • If they roll their eyes at you for even bringing up the movie, then you have met a hipster. See Film Snob above.
  • If they’ve never heard of the film, then they are either far too young for you or they are one of those anti-TV and media people who know way too much about organic food.
  • If they can sing the theme song, then they are most likely homosexual. Congratulations, you just found yourself a new best friend.

It’s thrilling when you can discover so much about a person just by discussing a single movie. Of course this has all been a very tongue-in-cheek exercise in blatant, one-sided judgmentalism. But it’s also been eerily accurate.

It’s too bad Jaye Davidson has since disappeared from the limelight, because The Crying Game is effing awesome.


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