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Raining Animals

A biblical plague of frogs sounds like something that could only happen by the hand of God. Or in Hollywood. But in all reality, it’s not as miraculous as it may sound. In fact, animals fall from the sky all the time.

Apparently, water spouts and tornadoes can suck up entire schools of fish or tiny frogs up into the stratosphere before depositing them back to earth onto an unsuspecting crowd below.

So it’s an actual meteorological phenomenon, not an apocalyptic one. Religious nuts have been taking advantage of this and similar “supernatural” phenomenons for millenia. Solar eclipses, blood-red moons, plagues of locusts, and even the parting of the Red Sea have ended up with a reasonable scientific explanation. Which is another reason why raining animals are awesome: they remind us to seek out rational explanations before leaping onto the irrational ones.

But rationality doesn’t always make for good storytelling:


So for being completely absurd, and for reminding us that strange things happen all the time and that we don’t need to go pray in a cave every time they do, raining animals are effing awesome.


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