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The Deal of the CenturyAKA: The Deal of the Century

Imagine your friend said to you, “Hey, will you come over to my house and pick up some correspondence I have for this guy down in Armpitville, Florida and hand deliver it to his front door? I’ll give you 44 cents!” You’d be all, “Um, GFY.”

Even if you happened to be headed in that direction, you’d still probably say, “I can’t think of a single thing in life that would be worth doing for 44 cents. I can’t even imagine that being worth 44 dollars. Or 440 dollars. Maybe 4,400 dollars.”

And yeah, mail isn’t as important or necessary as it used to be thanks to email, and yeah, actually going to the post office is still a whole world of awful. But the next time some anti-government malcontent tries to denounce federal regulation on general principle, you can remind them of the good ol’ USPS, which still represents one of the most successful and efficient programs ever created, federally regulated or otherwise.

And they won’t even tell you to shove it when you offer them 44 cents to hand deliver an envelope to an address over 4,400 miles away.

The US Postal Service is effing awesome.


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