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Somewhere at some point, some “dimwit” was mid-conversation and suffering from a temporary mind block. For the life of themselves, they could not think of the exact word they wanted to say. Their mind raced quickly to find the right way to express itself. They probed their brain for that perfect term that could define the specific quality in a person who doggedly stayed on task until completion, regardless of hardship. This type of person stuck to it, no matter what. So for lack of a better word, the dimwit opened their mouth and out came “sticktoitiveness.”

And now “sticktoitiveness” has stuck to the point that is has an entry on

There are already plenty of other words that describe this quality, of course. Perseverance, tenacity, or even determination come to mind. But in a pinch, if you can get your point across by inventing a whole new word, then why not?

The english language — and human communication in general — is so malleable that you can easily take any prepositional phrase or random smattering or words, smoosh them all together, and add a couple suffixes to the end to create brand new words. It’s basically an infinite expansion to your vocabulary. It’s the possibility of pure creation every time you speak. For example:

  • Overthetopishly
  • Undertheweatherishness
  • Aboveandbeyondiosity
  • Weatherthestormability
  • Undertheradarily
  • Boomchickabowbowishnicity
  • Osmsaucedly

Go ahead, try to use them in a sentence. Then create your own!

Some people might think this is a bad thing, as if it represented the dumbing-down of America — where if you can’t think of the word you want to say or if you just don’t have a big enough vocabulary in the first place, then you can just invent a new word on a whim, undermining our ability to speak the proper Queen’s English. But they are just narrow-minded curmudgeons. Because if the purpose of language is to be able to communicate effectively, then what could possibly be bad about anything that helps people get their point across?


We can draw the line at “misunderstimated,” though.

Sticktoitiveness is effing awesome.


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