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Edward Gorey

Most children’s authors would probably try to avoid topics like mutilated children or macabre, gothic visions of demons and death. But Edward Gorey devoted a whole alphabet to the concept. The Brothers Grimm had nothing on Edward Gorey.

Mutilated Children - Fun For All Ages!

He wrote morbid, surreal books with surprisingly subtle titles like Donald Has a Difficulty or The Inanimate Tragedy and then filled the pages with gruesome illustrations that were as intricate in their detail as they were devoted to their sadism. And then he made everything rhyme. Cuz kids dig stuff that rhymes.

Macabre Concepts - That Rhyme!

Even the pseudonyms that he used to pen some of his publishings — actually anagrams of his own name — were brilliantly disturbing: Ogdred Weary, Regera Dowdy, Eduard Blutig, Dogear Wryde, E. G. Deadworry, D. Awdrey-Gore, Edward Pig, Wardore Edgy, Groeda Weyrd, and on and on. It’s as if he was destined to do this the moment his mother named him, assumingly after a particularly difficult and bloody birth. Then he went on to influence the influential, like Tim Burton, Nine Inch Nails, and countless others.

For understanding that both children and adults alike might enjoy a visit to the dark side from time to time, Edward Gorey is effing awesome.


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