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Creating an elaborate device to perform a simple task is not for the lazy or efficient-minded. It’s the concept of doing unnecessary work for absolutely no discernible reason other than for the sheer joy of it. Which is also what elevates it to an art form. Rube Goldberg Machines are named after a cartoonist who used to illustrate such crazy devices, but the it’s the real unillustrated versions that kick so much ass.

First you plan it out in intricate detail:
OMG, sweeet.

Then you actually build it, and watch it play out, like dominos:

Trying to prove that Rube Goldberg machines are awesome is pointless, just because it’s just so clearly self-evident, and inarguably true. So just watch some of the most awesomest ones instead:

Seriously, though — people are usually in search of the easiest, quickest way to get from point A to point B, and they forget that half the fun can be in the journey, which is both a terrible cliché and a fundamental truth. Ain’t no better way to illustrate that concept than with a Rube Goldberg machine. So sit back and smell the inefficient roses and stuff.

Rube Goldberg Machines are effing awesome.


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