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Basic Instinct

Erotic thrillers get a bad rap. Maybe that’s because they are rarely ever thrilling or erotic. Or maybe it’s because their popularity has recently waned after peaking in the late nineties, when access to ubiquitous internet porn began to make big screen erotica seem a tad boring in comparison. Or maybe it’s because they all pretty much suck, as a rule.

But unfortunately, the erotic thriller’s bad rap has really obscured the reputation of what is most definitely the genre’s purest example and one of the most underrated movies of all time: the Paul Verhoeven masterpiece, Basic Instinct.

The very premise of the movie – that a sociopathic woman may have written a novel as an alibi to a murder she planned to commit later – is actually pretty brilliant. And the rest of the screenplay is a twisted whodunnit that actually keeps you guessing right up until the very last shot.

The only thing most people seem to remember about the movie is that infamous scene where Sharon Stone uncrosses her legs while the camera lingers. People gasped, but in all actuality, you never really seen any naughty bits, even if you pause and squint really hard. The sad thing about this is that all the hoo haw about her hoo haw only served to distract from what is clearly one of the finest examples of screenwriting you’re ever likely to lay your ears on.

Seriously, listen to this dialog, and watch Sharon melt the celluloid with what would turn out to be her only really good performance in anything, ever. And if you can, try to overlook Micheal Douglas’ rather hammy performance altogether.

(obviously, a tad NSFW)

Not sure if a nude Michael Douglas could ever actually be considered erotic, and it certainly isn’t thrilling, but there’s tons of nudity all around, so if you can’t find anything to float your boat then you may as well stop trying.

Erotic or not, Basic Instinct is effing awesome.


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