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It’s the little things, like a ribbon that has been built-in to the spine of a book for use as a placeholder, that make life pleasant. So simple, so logical, so useful.
Built In for Your Pleasure
So why don’t they put them in all books? After all, what kind of book wouldn’t need a bookmark? Are the publishing houses in cahoots with the bookmark manufacturers or something? Is it like when the oil companies killed the electric car? Are there bookmark lobbyists in D.C. making bribes and negotiating under-the-table deals?

Regardless, simple ideas are often the most effective ones, and it feels good to take pleasure in them. Like cupholders in cars — why did it take them so long to think that one up? A car with a built-in cupholder was practically unheard of until the late eighties, and probably not due to technological limitations. It’s just a molded piece of plastic ferchrissakes. And ribbons have been around for eons, so they got no excuses there.

Regardless, built-in bookmarks are effing awesome.


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