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The Cure

Today’s rock stars are too damned serious. It’s all about image. You’d never see Marilyn Manson or Linkin Park sing a song called Friday I’m in Love. That shit wouldn’t sell with the angry kids in the burbs these days.

The Cure practically invented “serious” when it comes to rock music, so you might be tempted to think the same thing about them. The ratted out hair, the lipstick, the mopey lyrics… it was quite a scene. The whole Goth movement came out of their heyday, and some idiot even committed suicide during one of their concerts — an act I’m sure he would be thoroughly embarrassed about today had he not succeeded, the silly fool. Especially if it was before they played Just Like Heaven. Awkward.

Because for every droning minor guitar chord the band ever played, there was a happy-go-lucky counterpart song in a major key on the B-side. So much for appealing to the misguided misanthropic teenagers. You can’t really stab yourself in the face to a song called Mint Car.

It’s almost funny that The Cure is known for being a depressing Goth band when they wrote some of the giddiest pop songs ever recorded. But to be fair, they did write some seriously creepy shit, too. Albeit still awesome as hell:

More catchy treats:

For creating a genre and then defying it at the same time, The Cure are effing awesome.


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