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Line Dancing

To be perfectly honest, the majority of people probably think that line dancing is pretty much the stupidest-looking thing on the planet. The music is painful, the outfits are atrocious, and the remedial dance moves are embarrassing at best. It’s a full 360° of bad taste and an affront to all five senses. Yes, it even looks like it smells bad.

But it feels really good to dance. And unfortunately, there are people out there who would not otherwise be able to experience the benefits of a good night of shaking your tail-feather if it weren’t for line dancing. These non-dancers fear the prospect of cutting-a-rug for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Lack of rhythm – people who need to stomp their feet to keep the beat
  • Lack of grace – people who would otherwise just lurch and jerk across the dance floor if left to their own devices
  • Lack of self confidence – people who are afraid that dancing might make them look stupid
  • Lack of intelligence – people who think dancing is for homos

Line dancing represents a new opportunity for non-dancers to get their groove on without having to feel clumsy, out-of-sync, or gay, simply because everyone else on the dance floor is doing the exact same thing. You can rest at ease in a judgment-free zone while you stomp around and kick in unison. It might make you look really stupid, but it makes everyone else look really stupid, too. And although the moves may be hard to remember, they aren’t difficult to perform. Anyone can do it. It’s the dance floor equalizer.

Line Dancing Dun Right Line Dancing Dun Right

Line Dancing Dun Right Line Dancing Dun Right
Don’t Go to Sleep might be the creepiest name for a dance move, ever.

Seriously though, the general benefits of dancing include an improved cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and better balance. Best of all, dancing increases endorphin levels, which not only helps you overcome depression and reduces stress, but it can even give you an awesome sense of euphoria. If you’re reaping all of those benefits and maybe even getting some much needed social interaction to boot (no pun intended), then who cares how stupid you look? And some day you might even graduate to real dancing.

For making the dance floor safe for clumsy, self-conscious homophobes again, line dancing is effing awesome.


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