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This is the second post in a series wherein examples of perfect pop songs are posted for your appreciation and enjoyment. Some of them are classics, some of them obscure, all of them perfectly awesome.

#2: Sing Me Spanish Techno
by The New Pornographers

Although the terribly named New Pornographers have made plenty of brilliant pop songs, this one towers above all others for its sheer, unfailing exuberance.

Supporting evidence of its perfection:
1. The irony of its lyrical denouement
(after you’ve listened to it thirty times in a row):
The hourglass spilt its sand
If only to punish you
For listening too long to one song

2. That unstoppable chorus!
3. Neko Case

Now it’s time to decide for yourself:

Okay, admittedly, that video is pretty terrible. But just watch it again, only this time close your eyes. Ain’t nothing more satisfying than a perfect pop song. Perfect pop songs are effing awesome.



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