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Genetic Pranks

Apparently some people’s pee stinks after eating asparagus, while some people’s pee does not stink. You probably already know what kind of person you are.

Or do you?

That rotten odor after you eat asparagus is most likely caused by the pungent pieces leftover in your urine after a gene in your body breaks down a certain component called mercaptan. But nobody really knows for sure. The theory is that some people have this gene and some people do not. So if you’re lucky, you don’t have the gene to create the stinky bits and after eating asparagus your pee just smells like regular ol’ pee.


More recent studies* have shown that while it may be true that some people’s pee stinks after eating asparagus and some people’s pee does not, it also may be the case that some people don’t have the ability to smell that particular stink in the first place. Apparently, genetic differences in your olfactory receptors can inhibit you from even being able to sense that skunky smell at all.

So, because of your genes, your asparagus pee either stinks or it doesn’t, and you can either smell stinky pee or you can’t. If you happen to be the kind of person who can’t make the rancid asparagus pee OR smell it, then you’ve hit the genetic jackpot.

But one thing is for certain, you shouldn’t walk around like your pee don’t stank, cuz you can never know for sure. Your genes are just trying to mess with you. They are probably snickering behind your back right now, those crafty bastards.

Your genes, mocking you.

Genetic pranks are effing awesome.

* To add to your “worst jobs ever” list: pee smeller for scientific asparagus studies.


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