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“Hey, something just dropped out of that chicken’s backside. Heck, I guess I better pick it up and investigate.”

“Hmmmm, it seems hard on the outside, it’s got like this protective shell coating that… oops, turns out it’s pretty fragile actually. Inside it’s goopy.”

“It’s more than goopy actually. In fact, it’s pretty digusting. It’s got this clear liquid that seems to be more solid in parts than others, and a nasty yellow center sack that - *gag* – oozes out orangey glop if you pierce it.”

“It’s sticky, too. And it kinda smells funny to boot. A little like rotted flatulence.”

“I wonder what it tastes like?”

“Okay, so it doesn’t taste so good either. In fact, it made me throw up a bit. I suppose I could try cooking it, see what happens.”

“Oh hey, now it’s all solid and fluffy looking. Doesn’t taste as bad anymore. Interesting.”

“Hey, what’s coming out of that cow’s udder? Is that white urine? Semen? I better go investigate…”

Thousands of years later: we have omelettes.

Eggs are Inherently Grody

The First Person to Ever Eat an Egg is effing awesome.


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